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Photo repair: our leading service

Principal partner of manufacturers

 Long regarded as expert in high tech repair, Nikken France is before all else a department entirely dedicated to all that relates to images, particularly photographic images, optics, and video.

Accredited by the very best Japanese camera manufacturers, we are now affiliated with NIKKEN, the top camera repair business in Asia, recognized as #1 in the world for customer service. This recognition allows us to make the unique offer of original parts and expert technicians. 

Exceptional expertise in service of your camera

Equipped in accordance to the requirements of manufacturers, we offer you a large variety of services covering the many primary and secondary needs related to the repair of your camera thanks to a team of specialists selected for the precision of their work and their competence in the micro techniques of images.

Offering you a service of support, Nikken Techno France applies the most dependable method for cleaning sensors, a guaranteed security for this masterful piece of your camera, which is also the most sensitive to dust and smudges.

Classic maintenance services,

  • Sensor cleaning or screen replacement
  • Zoom release Broken
  • hdmi port

More technical problems:

  • Resolution fine tuning
  • Damaged auto focus system
  • Lighting problems

To entrust the NTF specialists with your camera is to gain the assurance that you will benefit from the competence of a service team with manufacturing expertise.

Our advices

Describe as accurately as possible the breakdown of your camera and in what context it triggered.

"Remove all unnecessary accessories.

Documents to be attached:

Your registration slip printed after registering your product.

For under warranty devices join:

  • Your purchase invoice
  • The manufacturer's warranty or supplier warranty.



Transport is not a risk-free adventure for your equipment.

Whatever the solution, it is essential to protect your equipment well. If you own the original packaging take it! Make sure that your case is secure and surrounded by foam.

Choose a stiff cardboard and do not take flexible envelopes.

Your equipment must not be able to move in its packaging which must withstand shocks.

Delivery time 72 h

* Average time (year 2015, ex pending parts)


Return rate less than 3%


Ability to process specific requests