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Video projector repairs

Repair and maintenance of video projectors


Our advices

Describe with more precision the breakdown of your video projector and in what context it triggered.

A fault code may be displayed if you have been able to identify it. Please attach this information when registering your product.

  • Your proof of registration, printed after registering your product. 

For devices under warranty, please include:

  • Your purchase invoice 
  • The manufacturer's or supplier's warranty"


Transport is not a risk-free adventure for your equipment. Whatever the solution, it is essential to protect your equipment well.

If you own the original packaging take it! Make sure that your case is secure and surrounded by foam.

Choose a stiff cardboard and do not take flexible envelopes. Your equipment must not be able to move in its packaging which must withstand shocks.

Delivery time 72 h*

* Average time (year 2015, ex pending parts)


Return rate less than 3%


Ability to process specific requests