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Who are we?

The restoration reference photos, videos, and watches

The origin of Nikken France is from Mary and Dominique Legrain's shared passion for optical high-tech instruments. Both being optical technicians, they embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship from 1978 with the start up Arpege. They mark their first business with the beginnings of a trusting relationship with the greatest Japanese high-tech manufacturers.

Watching for the latest innovations and keen towards customer expectations, Nikken France is resolutely committed to the reliability of its services and the availability of its teams.

Open to new technology, they grasp, before anyone else, the interest to diversify expertise to expand their business skills. For that they create two departments: :

·       Picture and sound

·       Watchmaking

Experts in technologies

1996 marks a turning point in the history of the company that became the NTF that we know today, mainly dedicated to the accuracy of repair. Perfectly mastering optics and electronics, NIKKEN FRANCE's technicians, all trained by the manufacturers themselves, provide you with their specialized expertise in microtechnology. The concern for quality, taste of perfection in the use of optical components, as well as approvals issued by manufacturers, all make our business THE benchmark for high tech repair .

In 2016, two points of strategic anchorage were set in Paris (since 2000) and Lyon, where the international reputation of the company sits.

Are you having trouble with your camera , are you considering repairing your watch and wish to get a quote? contact us.