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NIKKEN TECHNO FRANCE, Number 1 in after-sales service and repair of Profoto studio flash and lighting equipment

Authorized service center for Profoto maintenance and repair lighting solutions

As the cornerstone of all studios and photo sets, shaping light is essential for creating compelling images with color accuracy closest to reality. Consequently, the availability and reliability of flash and lighting solutions are crucial for their smooth operation.
NIKKEN TECHNO FRANCE is authorized service center by Profoto for the maintenance and repair of its lighting solutions. This authorization allows us to offer only genuine parts and repair work performed by technicians with recognized expertise.
This expertise, coupled with our experience, makes NIKKEN TECHNO FRANCE the go-to choice for the repair of lighting equipment for many internationally renowned studios.
NIKKEN TECHNO FRANCE also features workshops entirely dedicated to the repair of photographic equipment, including cameras, lenses, and video cameras.
We are authorized service center by leading brands such as PENTAX, PANASONIC, RICOH, TAMRON, CASIO.




Our advices

Describe as accurately as possible the breakdown of your camera and in what context it triggered.

"Remove all unnecessary accessories.

Documents to be attached:

Your registration slip printed after registering your product.

For under warranty devices join:

  • Your purchase invoice
  • The manufacturer's warranty or supplier warranty.



Transport is not a risk-free adventure for your equipment.

Whatever the solution, it is essential to protect your equipment well. If you own the original packaging take it! Make sure that your case is secure and surrounded by foam.

Choose a stiff cardboard and do not take flexible envelopes.

Your equipment must not be able to move in its packaging which must withstand shocks.

Delivery time 72 h

* Average time (year 2015, ex pending parts)


Return rate less than 3%


Ability to process specific requests